Image 365 – Navajo Person

Photo caption says, “‘Old John – Kayenta.” The caption on another version of this photo (not visible) says, “OLD NAVAJO AT KAYENTA.”

This man was identified in outreach at Navajo Nation as possibly being Daa Nii Gil Gaii or John Manygoats. Other information shared: Father of Stub and Joe Manygoats. Paternal Grandfather of Jack Manygoats. Had three Navajo wives and one Paiute wife.

Additionally, other community members do not agree that this is Manygoats and instead think this may be a man with the last name Black from Promise Rock, Monument Valley.

Further, “Looks like Father of Charlie Salt,” was written on one of the original archival photos by an unknown source.

Photo taken in 1934 by Expedition photographer, Grace Hoover.

Courtesy of The Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College.

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