Image 380 – Navajo Person, Paiute Person

L to R: Sid Whiskers (born ca. 1946; Navajo), Grace Hoover (1934 Expedition Photographer, nickname “Jerry”), Mercy Whiskers (born 1890; Paiute).

The identification of Sid and Mercy Whiskers was made by Lisbeth Eubank on Nov. 11, 1976, as written on the backing of a version of this photo at Museum of Northern Arizona. This version of the photo also notes that the photo was taken at Dunn’s (Navajo Mountain area).

Birth dates and other information were submitted by Andrew Christenson citing sources, “Shepardson p. 32 and Dyk, p. 161.”

Photo taken in 1934 by Expedition photographer, Grace Hoover, or possibly someone else.

Courtesy of The Center of Southwest Studies at Fort Lewis College.

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  1. According to notes on MNA catalog card this is Sid Whiskers (born ca. 1846; Navajo) and Mercy Whiskers (born 1890; Paiute). ID was made by Lisbeth Eubank on Nov. 11, 1976. Birth dates and other info. are from Shepardson p. 32 and Dyk, p. 161

  2. This photo is taken at Navajo Mountain. Today Mercy and Sid Whiskers are members of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe. This is amazing to see photos of the two of them. The couple are my cousin’s grandparents.

    1. correct: Today Mercy and Sid Whiskers children and Grandchildren are member of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe.

  3. My birth name is Mabelle Lizbeth Drake; my first name for my nali, Mabel Navaho, and my middle name for Lisbeth Eubanks (my parents did not know how to spell her name), who taught school at Navajo Mountain, and helped teach children.

    Admin edit requested by commenter:
    “Mercy Whiskers had a Navajo father- Dick Navaho’s relative from Monument Valley, Utah.”